Now You Can Completely Reverse Your High Blood Sugar in 90 Days Using This Ancient Herbs From Ghana….

Does Diabetes really have no CURE??

It Can Be Reversed 100% - Reviews from Users Confirms This to be True

When I was young, I watched my mum die of diabetes, sadly I couldn’t do anything about it. I was almost losing my uncle before I made a drastic decision…

Fortunately, using a miraculous herb for his treatment, the diabetic condition was reversed completely.

It’s funny that it wasn’t my experience as a Medical doctor that provided the solution but my experience with herbs.

I’ll briefly share this story with you so that you can have vivid picture of how I became an enthusiastic diabetes solution provider

Let me introduce myself

I am Dr Wale PhD an ardent believer of herbs BASED ON RESULTS. 

You see those testimonials that some of my patients shared at the beginning of this page? They are just a few compared to what I receive everyday… The fantastic news is that ALL OF THEM Write me back or call back to share TESTIMONIES.

If any of those statements at the top of this page relates to you or someone you know, STAY WITH ME HERE PLEASE. Diabetes is No Joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly… I’m not sure why you haven’t heard about this solution until today, today must be a day of GRACE and I believe God said it’s over that’s why you are here… Because this is the solution to diabetes that you’ve been searching for…

AGAIN, PLEASE be patient enough to read every single word I’m about to write… consultation with me costs a minimum of N25,000 but today you’ll have my words for FREE…

PLEASE, if you do not believe in herbs and are not ready to change your mind or the diabetic situation, Kindly Close this page now… this is not for you…

I am not a herbalist, I am a US certified medical doctor with over 2 Decades of experience, and I am telling you today that the statement “Diabetes has no cure” is not true. That statement is the reason why many diabetic patients leave this world without even trying and some give up searching for a solution.

My mum died of this same problem so I sure know what I am saying.

I’ll share this story with you in less than 3minutes 

My dad was a very intelligent man even though he was not a university graduate. He is a business man and traveled from time to time outside the country to grow his business and to always put food on our table.

Because of his absence, my uncle became my second dad.

Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with diabetes. 

I lost my mum to diabetes, not my uncle again!

The thought of going into medical line never crossed my mind at all, everyone in the family knew I wanted to become a pilot…

Infact my household name was captain…

That dream of being a pilot ended when I saw my uncle’s situation got worse and worse. But I chose the medical line because I’ll be able to save lots of lives.

How do I convince my dad about this change of mind… 

My dad always boasts about my future as a pilot to his friends so it wasn’t an easy task at all…. well, to cut the story short, As a typical African parent it took me about 5months to convince him… but there was a COST

I’ll tell you about the cost because that was what really made the difference for me!! I really love that man!

Before he gave me a go ahead, the first thing he said was, “Wale, have you ever seen me take English drugs since your mum died?”

Thinking about it now, I think that was the first time I said “No sir”

Wale, ever since your mum died I gave up on it.

I believe if your mum listened to me to go on native treatment, she would still be alive! and that is the same issue I’m having with your uncle now. They don’t agree that herbs are the perfect solution for what they are facing.

I was thinking to myself, How come I never heard of this till now? Since this is the moment of truth, I opened up.

I quickly cut in, and told him “Daddy it’s because of uncle Tade that I really wanted to study medicine, I can’t afford to lose him like I did mum”.

He giggled, nodded and said “your uncle is the closest to me of all my relatives, I can’t afford to lose him too, but he is so stubborn”.

He drew me closer and said, Wale, there is a solution for diabetes, but English education and treatment will not let your uncle listen to me.

Going to school is great, but I too sabi too dey affect people wey go school.

As I sat there, all I could hear in my ear was “there is a solution for diabetes”, I was just waiting for him to finish so I could pop my question.

While he was still agitating about the fact that his dear late wife and brother did not believe in herbs, in a loud voice I asked, What is the solution daddy?… tell me I want to know.

He said, that is the reason why I called you here, Wale. If you are ever going to study medicine, I need you to first go and study about these herbs in Ghana…

He picked a paper and pen and made a list of herbs which included:

  • Carica Papaya
  • Alafia Multiflora and
  • Triemma Littorale and some others i discovered while in Ghana

He said, it’s only going to take less than 1year and you’re done… Once you come back, you are free to go for your medical study in the university.

I need to show your uncle that I wasn’t joking, you’ll be the one to convince him this time around.

I was laughing heavily in my heart, all I could smell in his statement was the ego of a man… so he just wanted to prove to my uncle that he was right after all…

Whatever would be a solution for this deadly disease is what I’m after.

I willingly accepted the offer and 2months later I relocated to Ghana to research and study herbal treatment.

To get to the point, it took me 8months to finish my study in Ghana and it took my uncle 3 and a half months to stop experiencing all the symptoms of diabetes.

He is still alive till date and I am grateful. Although he said he owed his life to my dad not me… but its still okay, what matters is that he is alive.

That is by the way.

I have practiced Doctoring for 7years now and I can tell you that when it comes to diabetes English medicine works, but it doesn’t cure it, and it doesn’t reverse the conditions.

These Native Ingredients (Carica Papaya, Alafia Multiflora and Triemma Littorale) REVERSED DIABETES 100%… It keeps taking it down until it disappears…

RESULTS and TESTIMONIALS have proven this to be TRUE.

There is a discount going on for this herb and you can click here to benefit from it


THEY ARE NOT INSULIN RESISTANT!! They enhance insulin production by pancreas which is used to convert blood sugar into glucose.

Insulin resistance is when cells in your muscles, fat and liver don’t respond well to insulin and can’t use glucose from your blood for energy.

Whereas your Pancreas will keep making more insulin. Over time, your sugar level goes up again…

This is actually one of the effects of English Medication for Diabetes…

And that’s one of the reasons why there are complications after taking them, especially for a long time.

Don’t blame yourself at all…It’s not your fault afterall you just discovered this truth… 

Be excited and thank God that you are here today.

Most of those English drugs only add insulin without solving/ curing INSULIN RESISTANCE…

That’s why you keep using them over and again… 

The Big Questions are:

  • Do you really want COMPLETE FREEDOM from Diabetes without side effects???
  • Do you want to say FINAL GOODBYE to Diabetes And Be FREE Finally ???
  • Do you want your eyes restored & finally able to see like your 21 years old self???
  • Do you want to stop frequent urination ??
  • Do you want the numbness of your feet to disappear and your feet get restored???
  • Do you want to be free from dry mouth?? 
  • Do you want to stop  sores and cuts from developing  on your body and they’re not even healing fast? 
  • Do you want to stop to always feel weak and tired?

If you answer YES, to any of the following questions…

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE… and the Good News is that You can Get a SOLUTION RIGHT AWAY

those 3 ingredients are part of what makes up a super working solution for Diabetes reversal



Diabetes happens when your body isn’t able to take up sugar (glucose) into its cells and use it for energy. This results in a buildup of extra sugar in your bloodstream.

If your blood glucose level remains high over a long period of time, your body’s tissues and organs can be seriously damaged. Some complications can be life-threatening over time.

You need to know this information simply because understanding the problem helps you know whether the solution offered to you works or not.

Those 3 herbs mentioned together with others have proven to reverse the symptoms of diabetes.


  • Increased thirst.
  • Weak, tired feeling.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet.
  • Slow-healing sores or cuts.
  • Unplanned weight loss.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Frequent unexplained infections.
  • Dry mouth.

I asked this question earlier, does diabetes have a cure?, well here is the simple answer, YES! IT CAN BE REVERED!.

If the symptoms a diabetic patient is having are reversed to normal (100% ) does that eradicate the disease? YES!

If yes, you have a solution right here.

Diabesol 1


Diabesol is a Ghanian product made from pure natural herbs and has been proven to reverse the diabetic condition in more than 500,000 diabetic patients. I personally have recorded testimonies of about 300 patients.

It is a revolutionary natural herb that manages blood sugar levels. It has a high-quality natural composition that promises to keep a check on sugar levels, LDL, HDL, insulin, and blood pressure levels. It doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription for daily use.


  • Fig Leaf: It supports lower blood sugar and is a powerful supplement.
  • White Mulberry Leaf: It decreases high blood sugar levels and has shown significant results in reducing diabetes risk.
  • Berberine extracts: It reduces excessive glucose production in the liver and lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Juniper Berry: It promotes weight loss and controls inflammation.
  • Bitter Melon: It increases good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol.

I personally have recommended this herb, Diabesol for my patients, to guarantee BETTER RESULT Make sure to use them without other drugs.

Doctors in the UK and US have done extensive research on every claim on this miracle breakthrough medication and have proven that it works like magic.

One of the biggest and happiest proofs that gave me complete confidence is the total reversal it gave to my uncle’s diabetic condition.

What Others Are Saying About Diabesol

I receive multiple calls from time to time to testify how grateful they are for the recommendation. Especially because it’s cheap, compared to any other treatment.

“Why do I have to write about this product? Why is it not publicized to the world without a word”?

If that question crossed your mind, just do me a favor by searching for diabesol on GOOGLE.

I have tried so much to my best to get this out for everyone dealing with diabetes, so if you are here, GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

Benefit from ongoing Discount

I am offering a discount on this solution.

Why should I jump on this offer?

You have 2 options:

1 – Keep using Othodox medicine that suppresses this illness, spend at least N7000 weekly (I am a doctor so I understand how expensive this can be) and about 10-20,000 a month and yet the problem persists


2 – Get this Herbal natural mix of proven result and reverse the diabetic condition within a period of 3months once or you can start with a one month plan then move on from there

I don’t have to calculate the math, I’m sure you understand what I’m saying.

I just have to be very direct, I realized that if I don’t make noise about this, everyone would want to doubt this treatment just as my uncle and late mum did to my Dad. Most of my patients have done the same too.

The original price for this herbal treatment is 50,000, that should be about 100,000 for a 2 months plan.

I am not a salesperson, so I don’t know how to do pricing. One thing I know for sure is that we have just a few pieces of this left here before we go for the next importation.

You are going to pay 79,500 for the 3months plan. And 59,500 for 2months then 39,500 for a month plan.


Diabesol 1

Select Your Package Below…


Normal Price: #50,500

Discounted Price:



Normal Price: #150,000

Discounted Price:
Complete Plan (Recommended)



Normal Price: #100,000

Discounted Price:



  • COMPLETELY REVERSE your type 2 Diabetes Permanently.
  • Strengthen your body cells to produce enough insulin on their own.
  • Prevent Type 2 Diabetes from reoccurring…
  • Restore pancreatic functions and eliminate insulin resistance
  • Prevent all the symptoms from coming back
  • Ensure your body cells continue to produce enough insulin
  • Get Completely off your Diabetes Medications
  • Increase Insulin and Leptin sensitivity
  • Helps you to loss weight easily

Ps: Please note that we are running out of DIABESOL bottles already, once this batch of bottles is over, the price returns back to ₦50,000 per bottle. Click on ORDER NOW to reserve your bottles right now!!


If you or anyone you love is facing this situation or have been looking for a solution for diabetes, give this a try and I guarantee you that if after going on to the 3months plan without result, you will get 100% refund of your money




I have suffered diabetes for more than 6years until i came across DIABESOL, I’ve used a lot of other products after promising heaven and earth, they end up not working one of them even made my BP increase than usual. but after speaking with my husband, he told me to try it do i decided to get 4 bottles. Lo and behold, i started seeing significant changes after 3 weeks of taking the drugs as recommended. I will recommend this to anyone who needs to hear because it works.


I only bought it because my friend who had gotten it told me how effective it was and he even went ahead to send me a link to their website where I ordered. I’m glad I did because I also got results from taking DIABESOL


I was skeptical about getting DIABESOL at first, but thank God I trusted my gut…

My BSL has reduced to 120mg/dL since I started using it… Thank You for this… I appreciate…

This solution works perfectly after you go on a complete 3months treatment plan!

I have just 300pieces in stock and once this package finishes the next set price will be 50,000 per plan. Dollar is rising. Don’t wait till when the price becomes too bulky before you get a working solution once and for all time.

If you don’t get this now, one of 2 things will happen, you will pay more for orthodox medicine and yet keep facing the same problem from time to time.

Why not Get Diabesol natural diabetes treatment now and reverse the situation gradually

#Option 1 – One Month Treatment Plan

Instead of paying original price of  50,000 + Delivery Fee 

You will get a special Discount to Pay N39,500

With this package you can begin your journey to complete reversal of Diabetes

#Option 2 – Two Months Treatment Plan

Instead of paying original price of  100,000+ Delivery Fee 

You will get a special Discount to Pay N59,500

I can’t overemphasize the importance of going on this treatment.

#Option 3 – Three Months Treatment Plan

Instead of paying original price of  150,000+ Delivery Fee 

You get an Insane discount of  Pay N79,500

This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED not just because it saves you so much cost but because you need the full 3months plan for 100% reversal.

Your health is more important than anything else. Wouldn’t you rather pay once off and be free than pay consistently weekly only to keep having the same experience?

This is a full 3months reversal plan that will get you giving testimonies! With this full plan it’s a complete GOODBYE to Diabetes stress and symptoms


This is another question I have received from hundreds of patients who have used this herbal treatment.

ANSWER: Herbs are just like foods… they correct the wrong in your systems. This medication is not orthodox and can also be used together with your current medication. Go on the 3months plan and give me your feedback a day after.

The only effect is that is reverses the diabetic situation and

Once this set of 300 pieces is finished, it might take another 2-3months to restock, why not make the best use of the time you have now to place an order and benefit from the ongoing discount.

GIFT BONUS: for every order placed within today and tomorrow, you will get a FREE guideline on What to avoid as a diabetic patient.

GIFT# NO CONSULTATION COST: You will not be charged #200 cost before reaching out to me

SUMMARY: From all I’ve said so far, here is a summary

I lost my mum to diabetes (the most painful thing that has happened to me as a teenager), I was about losing my uncle 5years down the line (my dad’s younger brother) but couldn’t stand it, I decided to study medicine to create solution for my uncle, My dad insisted that I go learn about Natural Herbal treatment, a treatment he has recommended for both my late mum and my uncle and the declined with the believe that Orthodox medicine works better.

I eventually went to Ghana to study about the natural solution for Diabetes. I tried it on my uncle and his case was reversed, and for over 300+ patients who had gone off this natural treatment, came back with testimonies.

I am offering you a discount on this natural herb and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you order for yours today since the stock available is limited.

If you didn’t have the time to read the full story, please find 2-3minutes of your time to see proof that this is a working solution.

One of the advantages of ordering for this treatment is that you get to pay on delivery. So you are safe. No worries about your money getting stuck.

Select a Plan and Get Yours Today!


Select Your Package Below…


Normal Price: #50,500

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Normal Price: #150,000

Discounted Price:
Complete Plan (Recommended)



Normal Price: #100,000

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For more enquiries Please message my assistant via (put your phone number here)

It was great sharing this with you and I look forward to your review.

Have a great time.

Dr. Adewale Ogunkoya


In the Spirit of the Season, We’re giving out a Christmas BONUS for all who purchase before the promo ends…



Please Note Before You Place an Order!

  • Do not order if you don’t have cash to receive your order ASAP. Do not order if you are traveling and there is no one to receive on your behalf.
  • Do not order if you do not understand this article you just read, Or you simply want to test and see if it works. Don’t do that please
  • Do not order for someone except you informed them or they asked you to do so.
  • Do not order if you do not answer calls from new callers. We will need to call you and confirm your order.
  • Do not order if you are doubting what you read.
  • If you have any verification to do, or you want to consult with your doctor, please do so before making your order.


We incur a lot of costs to cover the delivery of this product across Nigeria. So to avoid a waste of time and resources, we plead with you to order ONLY if you are ready for this product.

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